Learn to say This and That in Arabic (Hadha, Hadhihi, Dhalika, Tilka )

This is the first in a series of basic Arabic lessons I wrote a few years ago. I thought it’s about time I freshened them up a little, made new printable sheets for them and shared them with you here.

These lessons are quite grammar focused and the explanations are suitable for school age students, but you can simplify the concept for younger children.

These words and these simple grammar structures are the key to start making simple sentences in Arabic.

Check the end of the post for some basic Arabic printable pages for children on this topic, and be sure to keep checking back as we will be adding more Arabic alphabet games, printables and work sheets to the site soon along with some basic vocabulary for kids.

This and that worksheets in arabic printables for kids learning arabic with free pdf files

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Face Features Arabic Worksheet Printable الوجه

Are you teaching about parts of the body, or the face in Arabic? (الوجه)

Today we have a free printable worksheet all about the names of the face features in Arabic.

Help the kids to pick up and remember the words for eyes, nose, mouth and the rest of the face.

Learning Arabic can be fun and easy, and we are here to help you out with plenty of free printable resources to guide you along the way.

Free printable learn arabic worksheet for kids, to match up the names for the parts of the face

You can download the PDF file for this activity at the end of the post.

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